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Air Shot

Air Shot is a solo for 5-piece drum kit, based on the stylings of two songs by English drummer/composer/vocalist Phil Collins - "Behind the Lines" and "In the Air Tonight".

The first theme is in a funk style, incorporating strong accents where horn lines would normally occur. This segues into a soft melody on tom toms and snare drum, played with mallets. The latter is accompanied by an ostinato played by the feet on hi hat and bass drum, imitating a drum machine. There is scope here for some improvised colourisation beyond the notation.

The contrasting second section starts with a recognisable fill, followed by a powerful rock groove. The performer is required to improvise additional phrases in the ad lib section. To maintain the style it is recommended that the solo phrasing is informed by the study of Phil Collins' music vocabulary, in particular his use of 'flat' flams, i.e. two tom toms struck at the same time.

The performer may choose their preferred option to effect the change from mallets to sticks smoothly; one option is to use reversible sticks.

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Composer Hicks, David